[neomutt-users] How to make subject visible on very deep nested discussions?

zargener at gmail.com zargener at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 01:03:34 CEST 2021

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Thank you, Richard.

>  set narrow_tree = yes

Is a solution for 95% cases, pretty good!

>  <limit-current-thread><sort-mailbox>d

I didn't get it. I mean it doesn't work for subthreads for me.

>Or possibly, leave the threads turned on, but narrow the other index

What field variables, for example?

>Hmm... yeah, they're both nice ideas.
>They could be tricky to implement, but I've added them to my list.

Honestly, I desided it was an awful idea. The compromise is to have status line which will dusplay anything you want: current subject, martian weather, number of commas in current message. This is much more easy to emplement and much more flexible.

But I reall want to see a list of features you've planned. I was confused when tried to make something complex using lua scripting, which now is purgatory between mutt op-code and external script. That's the thing I want to fix if decide I am able.

Starting from this point I've choose the pager mode and

  set pager_index_lines=15

It gaves me a working solution. I see the structure of dicsussion(more or less) and see all neded message info below.

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