[neomutt-users] How to show a mail in all its pure glory?

tuxic at posteo.de tuxic at posteo.de
Tue Jan 23 18:45:15 CET 2018


often I get mail from - for example - support lines saying something
like "To read about the solution follow this LINK" but there is no
link shown. Since I am using the mbox format I theoretically would be 
able to identify the file and cat that to the console. But this
neither fun nor a clever usage of neomutt.... ;)
The links are not deleted...there are simply not accessible via
neomutt (read: I didn't find a way to do so... ;)

Is there a way to accomplish that with neomutt instead of cat-ting
files from the mbox directory ... ?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!

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