[neomutt-users] alternates and save-hook

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Mon Nov 6 14:13:15 CET 2017

* juh <juh+mutt at mailbox.org> [2017-11-06 13:32]:
> Still there are things I don't understand
> Eg. reverse_name is set to yes, but it does not work,
> neither in virtual mailboxes nor when I am in the maildir folder. As I use
> different addresses for each mailing list, this is very annoying.

the reverse_name should work once mutt knows about your addresses.
so tell it about them using the "alternates" command:

    alternates myuser at domain
    alternates (user1|user2)@mydomain
    alternates *@mydomain

> Then I want to figure out how to archive mail
> more or less in an automatic way.

either use a mail filter - or use save-hook:

    save-hook "~f address"  +project
    save-hook "~C address"  +maillist

> NeoMutt should move mails in mailings lists to an archive
> folder with the name convention mailinglistname-YYYY (or
> mailinglistname-YYYY-MM) if they are older than X days.

evaluation of commands can be done *once* on startup.
doing these on the fly requires a language, eg lua.

> Often customers call me saying "I've just
> send you an email, can we talk.." ;-)

so.. talk to them about you sending them an email. ;)


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