[neomutt-users] A working neomutt notmuch example

juh juh+mutt at mailbox.org
Mon Nov 6 11:29:51 CET 2017

Thanks a lot Austin and Stefan,

I could setup "something" with your examples.

The virtual mailboxes work now.

Still there are things I don't understand

Eg. reverse_name is set to yes, but it does not work, neither in virtual
mailboxes nor when I am in the maildir folder. As I use different
addresses for each mailing list, this is very annoying.

Then I want to figure out how to archive mail more or less in an
automatic way.

NeoMutt should move mails in mailings lists to an archive folder with
the name convention mailinglistname-YYYY (or mailinglistname-YYYY-MM) if
they are older than X days. I am not quite sure whether notmuch should
tag them as archive yet, when they are moved to an archive folder.

When I delete messages in my virtual inbox mailbox the tag inbox is
magically removed. This is reasonable. Where is it defined?

How does "modify-tags" work? NeoMutt complains that it is an unknown
command, but it is listed under help.

And generally offlineimap and notmuch is not really fast (in my

Syncing 7 accounts:

real	1m16,131s
user	0m7,944s
sys	0m1,600s

The annoying thing is that I am not able to call notmuch after all
accounts are downloaded. I found now way to call notmuch but in the
Account section of offlineimaprc so it is called seven times.

And finally I have to see what is the price for reading mail locally. It
is much faster but I would only call offlineimap every 15 minutes so I
am lagging behind.

Often customers call me saying "I've just send you an email, can we
talk.." ;-)


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