[neomutt-devel] NeoMutt patches

ng0 contact.ng0 at cryptolab.net
Sat Apr 15 16:19:00 CEST 2017

Richard Russon transcribed 1.8K bytes:
> Hi ng0,
> > > This development release of NeoMutt marks a turning point.
> > > From now on, I won't be creating patches against upstream Mutt.
> > may I understand this neomutt becoming a microfork
> > rather than a project which contributes back to mutt?
> Yes.
> We're only a small group, but we're developing more quickly than
> upstream are willing to move.
> While we were adding features, there was still the possibility of
> upstream adopting our work.  But we developers aren't content with just
> adding frills; we want to fix the core of Mutt.
> To do this we need to be able to refactor large sections of Mutt's code.
> We started by spending a month tidying up the code.  It's much easier to
> enforce good coding standards if the code follows them.  These changes
> will make development easier, but push us further away from upstream.
> Rich / FlatCap

Okay, that's understandable.
Guix current description should be changed with the next neomutt release then.
Currently it is close to the project description.

My understanding of a microfork is similar to what I do with gnURL,
where nothing ends up in upstream. I'll adjust the description
accordingly to "microfork", unless your intention is different from my
understanding of the word.

synopsis: Command-line mail reader based on Mutt  
description: NeoMutt is a command-line mail reader which is based on
mutt.  It
+ adds a large amount of features to mutt, and they all find their way
+ mutt, so it is not a fork but a large set of feature patches.

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