[neomutt-users] newsgroups, anyone?

Naicamine naicamine at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 11:22:35 CET 2020

On 11/16/20 4:13 AM, Kevin Shell wrote:
> Why remove NNTP rather than improving?

This is pretty fundamental, because of the tenets of Linux philosophy.
Specifically number 2 was what came to mind. There are already newsreaders that work better than mutt.
It's a time consuming and wasted effort to try and improve it, when something better is already there.

There are nine major tenets to the Linux philosophy.

     Small is Beautiful
     Each Program Does One Thing Well
     Prototype as Soon as Possible
     Choose Portability Over Efficiency
     Store Data in Flat Text Files
     Use Software Leverage
     Use Shell Scripts to Increase Leverage and Portability
     Avoid Captive User Interfaces
     Make Every Program a Filter

I don't personally see the benefit of having a combination news reader and mail client. If that's just me I respect that.
However, they can just as easily be separate, and it's exponentially easier to support.

A whole lot of packages already got away from this and really over time neomutt is one.
It just makes things messy.

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