[neomutt-users] newsgroups, anyone?

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Mon Nov 16 11:43:39 CET 2020

On Nov 14 2020, 17:59 UTC, Sven Guckes <neomutt-lists at guckes.net> wrote:
>so.. is anyone using neomutt here for reading newsgroups?
>i have tried it again yesterday - and the update of the
>index is both terribly laggy and completely bonkers. o_O
>i start off with "neomutt -G" and it sure reads my ~/.newsrc
>one of the newsgroups is comp.mail.mutt, of course.
>(is there a comp.mail.neomutt yet? just wondering).
>i enter the group and sure enough, there are some messages.
>the messages flying by are too fast to catch.
>wasn't there some idea about a logging window?
>it would be great for catching some messages..
>at first the index layout looks quite okay..
>but when i go over the index with up/down
>then suddenly a LOT of the index lines get
>broken/lost and some seem to "leak" color.
>unfortunately, a CTRL-L to update the screen
>yields exactly the same broken layout. :-(
>why is happening at all?  shouldnt the display
>of the index be the same as with mail folders?
>and why is this so slow?  is neomutt talking
>to the news server in between updates?
>(i should probably set a debug level.. okay.)
>while i am reading, i have taken some screenshots.
>but before i continue on this path, maybe someone of you
>has already taken a look at this and solved some
>of the problems with some nifty option values?
>all ints welcome :)

Hi Sven, I occasionally read newsgroups (via news.gmane.io) and I don't 
see the weird things you're mentioning. I don't have a clue what might 
be wrong at your side, I just wanted to add my "everything's fine" 

Pietro Cerutti

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