[neomutt-users] urlscan does not return command prompt to mutt

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Mar 24 17:18:33 CET 2020

Hi list,

I hope everyone is fine!
I am opening URLs from within mutt using urlscan. The config options are
the one described in its documentation.

 macro index,pager \cb "<pipe-message> urlscan<enter>" 'Follow links with urlscan'
 macro attach,compose \cb "<pipe-entry> urlscan<enter>" 'Follow links with urlscan'

urlscan has two modes of opening urls, which can be toggled from within
it using the 'l' key. The default one is said to be the python
webbrowser module, and the second one xdg-open. 

If I have no browser started and I am using the default opening type,
urlscan will launch my browser but will not return the command prompt to
mutt unless I close the browser again. Choosing the xdg-method, the
browser is spawned and command is returned to mutt. I am puzzled,
urlscan has no method know to me to set it to use xdg by default.
Furthermore I can't find a Debian or python (pip3) package called
'webbrowser'. Does anyone have the same experience and a possibly fix
for it?

Thanks a lot, and stay healthy!
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