[neomutt-users] urlscan does not return command prompt to mutt

Adrian Petrescu adrian at apetre.sc
Wed Mar 25 16:18:57 CET 2020

This is basically expected behaviour. The Python webbrowser module
(which is part of Python's standard library, by the way - that's why you
couldn't find it on PyPI) will wait for the process it calls to return.
Whether it does or not is browser-specific.

It's pretty common for a browser binary (like `qutebrowser`, the one I
use) to send a command to a running instance to open a new tab if one
exists, and then return immediately. But if there isn't one, that
process becomes the browser process and won't return until it ends.

Looking at the [source](https://github.com/firecat53/urlscan/blob/master/urlscan/urlchoose.py#L153-L170)
for urlscan, it appers there *is* a way to configure this; you would
need to provide the following ~/.config/urlscan/config.json file:
   "link_open_modes": ["Xdg-Open"]

Hope that helps :)


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