[neomutt-users] Search and Replace for viewing Mail

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed Mar 13 01:06:00 CET 2019

Hi Florian,

> ... search and replace on e-mail bodies in the pager

Sounds like you want $display_filter

Here's a sample to eliminate the letter 'e' from your email :-)
    set display_filter="sed 's/e//g'"

> I would use `<pipe-message> urlscan` to open the links.

The standard macro, in /etc/neomuttrc, is:

macro index,pager,attach,compose \cb "\
<enter-command> set my_pipe_decode=\$pipe_decode pipe_decode<Enter>\
<pipe-message> urlview<Enter>\
<enter-command> set pipe_decode=\$my_pipe_decode; unset my_pipe_decode<Enter>" \
"call urlview to extract URLs out of a message"

It saves and restores the value of $pipe_decode.

> What is actually piped in `<pipe-message>`?
> The original or a modified version?

$display_filter only affects the pager.

If `set pipe_decode = no`, then you'll get the raw email.
That might contain things like quoted-printable =3D instead of '='.

If `set pipe_decode = yes`, then you'll get a pretty, human, version.

    Rich / FlatCap
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