[neomutt-users] Search and Replace for viewing Mail

Florian Wehner florian at whnr.de
Tue Mar 12 13:27:50 CET 2019

Good morning!

Is there any way to do a visual search and replace on e-mail bodies in 
the pager? I found the display munging `subjectrx pattern replacement` 
in the neomuttrc. I want to do the same on bodies.

My goal is the following: Some newsletters or notification mails have 
URLs embedded that stretch over many lines. The content hides some where 
in between. I can color the URL with a regex, but it would be even 
better if I could replace it with `<link>`. In a second step I would use 
`<pipe-message> urlscan` to open the links.

This leads to the last question: What is actually piped in 
`<pipe-message>`? The original or a modified version?


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