[neomutt-users] oauth function on official website is not in the latest release version?

Junyu Wang leonjunyu.git at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 19:18:38 CEST 2019

I got the reason:

in mutt repo updating list the feature mentioned above is updated and
released in 2018-11-25. neomutt latest release is 20180716.
BUT neomutt official website followed mutt repo and also publish
introduction about oauth.

Is it possible for developer release the new neomutt version asap?


1.11.0 (2018-11-25):

  + inotify is used for local mailbox monitoring on Linux.  Configuration flag
    --disable-filemonitor turns this off.
  + OAUTHBEARER support for IMAP, SMTP and POP via
    $imap_oauth_refresh_command, $smtp_oauth_refresh_command, and

Junyu Wang <leonjunyu.git at gmail.com> 于2019年8月7日周三 上午12:54写道:
> Hi guys:
> I am trying to change my gmail imap password to oauth method.And I
> followed the  official guide (
> https://neomutt.org/guide/optionalfeatures ) but there is an error
> when I start the neomutt :
> Error in /home/leon/.neomuttrc, line 94: imap_oauth_refresh_command:
> unknown variable
> source: errors in /home/leon/.neomuttrc
> Then I checked the code on github, at latest released version "NeoMutt
> 20180716" there is no code include  "imap_oauth_refresh_command" , I
> search by "grep -r imap_oauth_refresh_command ." but at the latest
> master branch it exists.
> And in https://neomutt.org/guide/optionalfeatures#6-%C2%A0oauthbearer-support
> there is no warning about the function is not release yet.
> Is "Optional Features" on official website default under development?
> should we give some warning about this? or is it a bug?
> --------
> Leon

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