[neomutt-users] slow operation after switching mailboxes

Guillaume Brogi gui-gui at netcourrier
Mon Nov 20 10:03:21 CET 2017


> I've encountered some problems when switching the mailboxes in neomutt.
> I have multiple accounts configured and separate configuration files for each one.
> When i switch to some mail folder, the right config for particular account is sourced via folder-hook.
> The problem is that, when i'm switching from the folder with huge amount
> of emails(200K for instance), to another one, neomutt becomes totally
> unresponsive, even moving to the next email in pager view takes nearly a second.
> I have header_cache and message_cachedir set for each account.
> I've also tried to compile in and use different header_cache_backend's
> with no visible difference in speed.
> Would be glad to hear any suggestions. Thanks.

I only use one configuration file for all of my mailboxes, and I do not
see this kind of behaviour, but then I have less than 15K total in all
my mailboxes.
Which options do you use? Specifically, mailboxes/maildirs/imap/notmuch?
I fetch my mailboxes locally and then index them with notmuch.


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