[neomutt-users] slow operation after switching mailboxes

zhead xen at f-m.fm
Mon Nov 20 00:20:05 CET 2017


I've encountered some problems when switching the mailboxes in neomutt.
I have multiple accounts configured and separate configuration files for each one.
When i switch to some mail folder, the right config for particular account is sourced via folder-hook.
The problem is that, when i'm switching from the folder with huge amount
of emails(200K for instance), to another one, neomutt becomes totally
unresponsive, even moving to the next email in pager view takes nearly a second.
I have header_cache and message_cachedir set for each account.
I've also tried to compile in and use different header_cache_backend's
with no visible difference in speed.

Would be glad to hear any suggestions. Thanks.

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