[neomutt-users] A working neomutt notmuch example

juh juh+mutt at mailbox.org
Sun Nov 5 11:36:41 CET 2017

Hi all,

yesterday and today I tried to setup  offlineimap, notmuch and mutt. I
browsed the web for configuration hints, but I think I'll give it up.

These parts are working:

offlineimap downloads all my accounts, putting them into ~/Mail in
Maildir format

notmuch is installed and is working.
With the emacs interface I can search for the messages

So if I fail to use the combination notmuch+mutt I simply use this setup
to backup my mails from time to time.

I don't get neomutt working with notmuch.

I tried a lot. I found configurations for the old mutt which kinda works
with neomutt. Simple searches eg.

At last I consulted the neomutt website when I realized that neomutt has
a native interface to notmuch.


But the neomuttrc under point 8 does not work.

If I comment out offending parameters I get one huge virtual folder with
a lot of emails. I don't think that this is the intended usecase.

Can anyone share a working configuration for notmuch+neomutt?


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