[neomutt-users] Future proofed mail environment

juh juh+mutt at mailbox.org
Fri Nov 3 14:51:15 CET 2017

Hi all,

after using several mail clients in the last few years I came back to
mutt/neomutt. Years ago I was happy with mutt using fetchmail and pop3.
Now with my imap accounts I see that the network is slowing things down.

So I considered to look into options such as offlineimap to have a local
copy of my accounts. I am also interested in a mail search solution such
as notmuch which AFAICS only works with local maildir folders.

At the same time I am looking for a good solution to archive mail. As I
said before I used quite a lot of different clients and I have mail
backups in different formats. I could convert them to a consolidated
format such as maildir if needed.

How would you consolidate your mail environment?

Is it a good idea to use offlineimap with mutt?
Or should I use isync?
How can I archive mail with and without syncing it to the imap server?
Is notmuch the best indexing and search solution?

I would like to have all emails in one interface so that I can search in
current mail folders which are synced to the server reaching back eg.
for three years and in local archive folders with older mails at the
same time.

And a last question. One of my imap account stores all mails pgp
encrypted. Is it possible to
decrypt these mails after download with offlineimap so that notmuch can
index the content?

Or would you recommend a imap only solution?


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