[neomutt-devel] Tagging Emails

наб nabijaczleweli at nabijaczleweli.xyz
Sat Feb 27 15:54:49 CET 2021

On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 02:42:09PM +0000, Richard Russon wrote:
> For example, if you piped them to an external program
> - User's sort order
>   Top to bottom in the order they'd appear in the index
>   (including any threading)
Definitely this one, since that's the one that can be seen.
IME, the tag order is entirely irrelevant and sometimes very erratic,
but as a user, looking at a tagged set of mails, I'd expect them to be
applied in the order they're seen, from top to bottom.

One of my long-standing half-formed desires was to have some modifier
to/alternate version of <tag-prefix> to reverse this order
for one operation only
(in my case for applying patches, since I usually sort by
 reverse-threads/last-date-received, but reversing that temporarily
 hasn't been too much of a hassle).

> Cheers,
>     Rich / FlatCap

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