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David Champion dgc at bikeshed.us
Mon Feb 13 01:38:47 CET 2017

I missed that there were two separate blocks here, apologies.  I also
resonded to your other message, but it's held up in moderation because I
talk too much (6KB > 5KB limit).

* On 12 Feb 2017, David Champion wrote: 
> > 
> > I'm not against contributing to mutt directly, and would actually be
> > honoured to, if the features I'm actually interested in (mainly:
> > notmuch, but other troll-bait features like composing mime/alternative
> > mails) can be considered by the "established" community.

We would love to have your help.

> > That being said, and after having dug a bit in (neo)mutt's sources, I do
> > believe that some modernisation of the codebase is really needed
> > (homogeneous coding style and indentation, no more globals, no more huge
> > functions…), the most important thing being introducing regression tests
> > and CI. And I'd be happy to discuss these topics in length and write
> > patches for that.

We want these things too.  We're just a little more measured about
implementing them.  Here's the thing - it depends on having more dev
time to get it done.  More developers = more developer time, and
it's been pretty much just Kevin for quite a while - years!  Action
happens where there are people participating.  We really want people to

I had no idea until a week ago that there were like six of you gathered
here doing good work, under another label.

David Champion • dgc at bikeshed.us
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