[neomutt-devel] Changes to ./configure

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Sun Dec 4 13:37:01 CET 2016

It's all change for ./configure

# Header Cache (hcache)

Pietro Cerutti (@gahr) has finished his hcache changes.
The "--enable-hcache" option has been removed.
Instead, you specify the backends you want -- one or more of:


# Everything

Darshit Shah (@darnir) has created a new (much-wanted) option:


NOTE: "--enable-everything" will be committed to [neomutt] very soon.

This does exactly what you'd expect, it enables:

  * All 6 hcache backends
  * Compressed Folder Support
  * IMAP
  * NNTP
  * Notmuch
  * PGP
  * POP3
  * SMTP
  * Sidebar

Each option can be overridden, too, e.g.

  --enable-everything --disable-nntp

Rich / FlatCap

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