[neomutt-devel] Coding tasks for 1.7.0

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Tue Aug 23 13:13:41 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I'd like to make a NeoMutt-1.7.0 release this weekend.
To get there I'd like your help.

There are four distros' patch sets that I'd like ported to NeoMutt-1.7.0.
They are:
    COPR (Fedora)

The patches live in directories in the Integration repo:

What I'd like you to do is:
    Create a branch [distro/NAME] from [neomutt7]
    Apply the distros patches in order
    Check they compile and run
    Push the branch to the neomutt repo

Pick one each and let me know.

If you have any questions, ask here, or on IRC.


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