[neomutt-users] [wai at roquesor.com: Make Mutt vi users friendly, new set of patches]

Walter Alejandro Iglesias wai at roquesor.com
Sun Sep 17 11:44:11 CEST 2023

Hello everyone,

I'm forwarding the following message here to make others know about it.
So far I got no response from anyone, what is strange taking in care
most of mutt users are vi[m] users.

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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2023 10:29:33 +0200
From: Walter Alejandro Iglesias <wai at roquesor.com>
To: mutt-dev at mutt.org
Subject: Make Mutt vi users friendly, new set of patches

Hello list,

This is a new version of a set of patches and a proposal I posted to
mutt-dev@ many years ago (2017):


It adds an option to change the hardcoded Ctrl-G to Esc as abort key,
convenient for vi users.

With the old set there was an inconsistency that Kevin McCarthy made me
notice (to be fair, the inconsistency is in mutt design): activated the
option, which obviously disabled Esc-key binding, these bindings still
appeared in the help menu.  Besides, some user suggested me that it was
convenient that mutt print some warning telling the user that Esc-key
bindings were disabled.  This new set of patches takes care of both

In the tarball you'll find a README file explaining all in detail.

I'll ask all of you a big favor, don't start posting negative comments
based on you *guess* could happen (as it happened the first time.)  The
best way to get rid of any uncertainty is trying the patches, please!


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