[neomutt-users] limit command performance

Jon Fineman jon at fineman.me
Sun Sep 10 04:19:41 CEST 2023

I am not sure if this is a new issue as I really don't search my 
entire trash folder often.

I just pulled commit c17c92f853c1bac1f527ee7a775af54970806c5d

I have 8810 emails in my Trash folder.

I ran the command:
l ~b MySearchTerm

It takes about 5:30 minutes for the command to run.

I then open and close an email.
I get a message sorting mailbox.

That takes about 4:30 minutes to finish.

This is with maildir and the second test as I botched the first one. 
Also I have the following cache set. I did delete the cache based on 
the advise from a prior release note.
set header_cache = ~/Maildir-cache/mutt.cache/
set message_cachedir = ~/Maildir-cache/mutt.cache/

Has this always been this way? Any thoughts on how to improve this?



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