[neomutt-users] dereference SYSCONFDIR in neomuttrc?

Richard Russon rich at flatcap.org
Wed Jun 28 17:40:16 CEST 2023

Hi Ulli,

> SYSCONFDIR="/sw/ubuntu-22.04/neomutt-20230517/etc"

That's defined as part of the build process.
It appears a few times in the code as a default location to find files.
Unfortunately, it's not exposed to the user (except in the version)

  neomutt -v | grep SYSCONFDIR

> I have added extra config files in SYSCONFDIR.
> How can I access them via neomuttrc?

A simple way is to modify the neomuttrc in _that_ directory.
If you simply:

  source x.rc

(without a path) NeoMutt will try to find `x.rc` in the same directory.

> source $SYSCONFDIR/x.rc

or you could extract the directory using scripting:

  neomutt -v | sed -n '/SYSCONFDIR/s/^/export NEOMUTT_/p'


  export NEOMUTT_SYSCONFDIR="/sw/ubuntu-22.04/neomutt-20230517/etc"

Then you could configure:

  source "$NEOMUTT_SYSCONFDIR/x.rc"

Hope this helps,
    FlatCap / Rich


# Don't print any output
sed -n

# Only match lines containing SYSCONFDIR

# Search and replace
# ^ (beginning of the line)
s/^/export NEOMUTT_/

# Print the result
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