[neomutt-users] swap help/status lines?

Jakub Jindra jakub.jindra at jakubjindra.eu
Wed Jun 21 18:26:14 CEST 2023

Hello Ullrich,

The config option is the same in mutt and neomutt. This should do the thing:
set status_on_top

Most of Your mutt config should be compatible with neomutt. Even renamed 
config options are still kept as aliases.

Jakub Jindra

On 2023-06-21 18:03, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
>Prologue: I am a mutt user since its beginning (before: elm) and want to
>          switch to neomutt - FINALLY :-)
>Because neomutt provided by Ubuntu 22.04 is still buggy (see my mail
>"-R not readonly?" 2023-03-08) I have to compile it by myself.
>configure and make run flawless and I am able to run the compiled neomutt.
>Next step is to configure it similar to my old mutt (1.5.23!).
>First question: (How) can I swap the help/status lines?
>With mutt I have the status line (index_format, folder_format,
>folder_format, etc) on top and the help line on the bottom, just before
>the input line.
>It looks this way:
>Ullrich Horlacher              Server und Virtualisierung
>Rechenzentrum TIK
>Universitaet Stuttgart         E-Mail: horlacher at tik.uni-stuttgart.de
>Allmandring 30a                Tel:    ++49-711-68565868
>70569 Stuttgart (Germany)      WWW:    https://www.tik.uni-stuttgart.de/
>REF:<20230621160329.GA188285 at tik.uni-stuttgart.de>
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