[neomutt-users] Unable to login to O365

Milan Glacier news at milanglacier.com
Sun Jan 8 07:17:11 CET 2023

I second that. Using davmail is much easier to configure. With davmail
you can use any local email client all together. This is even more
useful when youf office365 provider only offers you EXCHANGE protocal
and no IMAP/SMTP protocal. One thing to note: if your office365 provider
requires interactive authentication (like opening the web browser), then
probably you need the GUI version of davmail, and the server (CLI)
version may not work.

On 01/05/23 22:14, Dan Ciprus (dciprus) wrote:
>For your reference, there is a project davmail which connects to O365 
>and you can use standard protocols like imap/pop3/smtp with it. I'm 
>using it with neomutt at work, works just fine.
>On Thu, Jan 05, 2023 at 06:08:27PM +0800, Sadeep Madurange wrote:
>>On 2023-01-04 14:31:25, Sadeep Madurange wrote:
>>>I had successfully setup neomutt with O365 to use based on this post: https://www.vanormondt.net/~peter/blog/2021-03-16-mutt-office365-mfa.html. After a recent change to our domain, I setup auth again by deleting the old token and getting a new token, and updating the imap_user in muttrc. However, neomutt is exiting with "Connection closed. 14". Following is the -d 4 log.
>>This issue seems to have been resolved by itself \o/. I'm guessing that it was just O365 Exchange freaking out.
>>Best regards,
>Dan Ciprus
>[ curl -L http://git.io/unix ]

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