[neomutt-users] Unable to login to O365

Dan Ciprus (dciprus) dciprus at cisco.com
Thu Jan 5 23:14:48 CET 2023

For your reference, there is a project davmail which connects to O365 and you can use standard protocols like imap/pop3/smtp with it. I'm using it with neomutt at work, works just fine. 

On Thu, Jan 05, 2023 at 06:08:27PM +0800, Sadeep Madurange wrote:
>On 2023-01-04 14:31:25, Sadeep Madurange wrote:
>> I had successfully setup neomutt with O365 to use based on this post: https://www.vanormondt.net/~peter/blog/2021-03-16-mutt-office365-mfa.html. After a recent change to our domain, I setup auth again by deleting the old token and getting a new token, and updating the imap_user in muttrc. However, neomutt is exiting with "Connection closed. 14". Following is the -d 4 log.
>This issue seems to have been resolved by itself \o/. I'm guessing that it was just O365 Exchange freaking out.
>Best regards,
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Dan Ciprus

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