[neomutt-users] Feature request: Arbitrary sort order of sidebar entries.

christophe lalanne ch.lalanne at mac.com
Thu Aug 31 12:00:13 CEST 2023

On 2023-08-31 09:35, boB i_persevere wrote:
>On 31.08.2023 08:40, christophe lalanne wrote:
>>Couldn't you use multiple "mailboxes" specifications to order your local
>>folders according to your liking? E.g.,
>>mailboxes =A
>>mailboxes =D =C
>>mailboxes =B
>>will give you A D C B in your sidebar. I don't know about subitems, not
>>even when using tricky combination of "sidebar_*" options.
>I must be doing something wrong.  I tried the following, attempting to
>mimick what I understood you to be saying.  I placed these in the same
>file that is sourced to log into Proton Bridge (I don't mind exposing
>the few first names.):
>set folder = imap://$my_user@	# The folder NeoMutt uses to access my mail.
>set spoolfile = "+INBOX"	# My home inbox.
>mailboxes =  +INBOX
>mailboxes = +Drafts
>mailboxes = +Sent
>mailboxes = +Spam
>mailboxes = +Trash
>mailboxes = "+All Mail"
>mailboxes = +Folders/0_PERSONAL +Folders/0_PERSONAL/"Bridge with Vince" +Folders/0_PERSONAL/Jessie +Folders/0_PERSONAL/June +Folders/0_PERSONAL/Mike +Folders/0_PERSONAL/Roger
>mailboxes = +Folders/1_WORK
>mailboxes = +Folders/2_MEDICAL
>mailboxes = +Folders/3_TECHNICAL
>mailboxes = +Folders/4_COMMERCIAL +Folders/4_COMMERCIAL/Receipts
>mailboxes = +Folders/zGMAIL
>This had absolutely no effect on the ordering of the folders/mailboxes
>in the sidebar.  Where have I gone astray?

Unfortunately, I don't use IMAP. Instead I store my emails in a Maildir
on my HD (and in this case, there's no space after the equal sign,
meaning you should write "=A" and not "= A"). However, it seems that the
same idea applies to IMAP folders, as documented on the Arch Wiki [1].


[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Mutt#IMAP

>Wishing you only the best,
>boB i_persevere
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christophe lalanne

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