[neomutt-users] Feature request: Arbitrary sort order of sidebar entries.

christophe lalanne ch.lalanne at mac.com
Thu Aug 31 08:40:04 CEST 2023

Couldn't you use multiple "mailboxes" specifications to order your local
folders according to your liking? E.g.,

mailboxes =A
mailboxes =D =C
mailboxes =B

will give you A D C B in your sidebar. I don't know about subitems, not
even when using tricky combination of "sidebar_*" options.


On 2023-08-31 03:22, technical_fora at proton.me wrote:
>While getting the sidebar display to my liking, I was unable to get the
>exact order of the folders and mailboxes that I desired.  The best I was
>able to do was use ASCII sorting tricks in the naming of those things I
>can name.  Unfortunately, Proton Mail does not allow me to play with the
>naming of their 8 default mailboxes.
>So, I was wondering if it would be possible to give the user of NeoMutt
>the ability to arbitrarily set the order of the sidebar entries?
>Perhaps with a command like "sidebar_sort_order = [item0, ... , itemn]",
>where the order of the list items corresponds to the order of the
>sidebar entries.  If this is doable, then subitems could be handled,
>perhaps, with the list in the form of [item0, item0:subitem0,
>item0:subitem1, item1, ...].
>I hope I did not overlook anything in the docs...
>Wishing you only the best,
>boB i_persevere
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>	-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

christophe lalanne

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