[neomutt-users] Feature request: Arbitrary sort order of sidebar entries.

technical_fora at proton.me technical_fora at proton.me
Thu Aug 31 05:22:58 CEST 2023

While getting the sidebar display to my liking, I was unable to get the
exact order of the folders and mailboxes that I desired.  The best I was
able to do was use ASCII sorting tricks in the naming of those things I
can name.  Unfortunately, Proton Mail does not allow me to play with the
naming of their 8 default mailboxes.

So, I was wondering if it would be possible to give the user of NeoMutt
the ability to arbitrarily set the order of the sidebar entries?
Perhaps with a command like "sidebar_sort_order = [item0, ... , itemn]",
where the order of the list items corresponds to the order of the
sidebar entries.  If this is doable, then subitems could be handled,
perhaps, with the list in the form of [item0, item0:subitem0,
item0:subitem1, item1, ...].

I hope I did not overlook anything in the docs...

Wishing you only the best,
boB i_persevere

The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.
	-- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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