[neomutt-users] How to best configure NeoMutt with multiple Proton email addresses?

technical_fora at proton.me technical_fora at proton.me
Wed Aug 30 03:22:22 CEST 2023

I have recently become a paid user of Proton Mail, which allows me to
create multiple additional email addresses (up to 14) beyond my account's
primary one.  I decided to use six, so far, say:  personal at proton.me,
gmail at proton.me, commercial at proton.me, technical at proton.me,
medical at proton.me and work at proton.me.  These are not my actual email
addresses, but you'll be able to guess one of them. ~(:>))  The names
I've given are meant to communicate their desired functional use.  Note
that the gmail one receives forwarded emails from my Gmail account that
I am gradually weaning myself from.

In this scenario, personal at proton.me is the primary address associated
with my login to my Proton account.  In the Proton Mail web interface
*all* of these email addresses get their mail lumped together into the
same inbox.

I am new to NeoMutt, but have used Mutt -- some -- for a few months a
couple of years ago.  I have successfully compiled NeoMutt from source
(the most recent stable release) on an old laptop (circa 2012) running a minimal
install of Bodhi Linux.  I have successfully installed Proton Bridge and
have NeoMutt and it talking to each other.  I am composing this email
from this NeoMutt installation.  I have no real issues (yet), but I am
unsure how best to accomplish my end goals, which is really the point of
this email, on how to best manage these multiple emails under a single
Proton Mail account.  More specifically, I hope to find intelligent ways
to do the following:

1) SIDEBAR:  I would like it to show, at a minimum, the following:
	Others??  Like Sent, Trash, Spam, Drafts, etc.??

It is unclear to me how to handle the "Others??", as all of these seem
to be treated by Proton Mail as global for *all* my email addresses
together.  It is also unclear to me how and if there should be
subfolders as indicated, which is why I've enclosed the word in question
marks.  For instance, in my initial setup of Proton Mail (before
NeoMutt), I migrated a lot of stuff from Gmail to Proton Mail.  So, some
current "subfolders" have both Gmail and Proton Mail content.

2) Desired functionality:
    a) When I have one of the sidebar options selected I only want the
    index to show a list of emails relevant to that selection, i.e., if
    TECHNICAL is selected, the index should only list emails sent to
    technical at proton.me.

    b) When I reply to an email in the selected list, I want it to show
    my correct email, i.e., technical at proton.me in the current example.

    c) When I compose a new email in the selected list view, I want it to
    default to technical at proton.me in this example, and, likewise, the
    correct ones for the other possible options.

    d) I want when either replying to or composing new email, to have a
    custom signature relevant to the sidebar selection.

    e) Am I overlooking anything that would be functionally desirable?

3) Once I have puzzled out all of the above on this laptop, my intent is
to replicate this setup on my Arch Linux desktop at home (I'm currently
on an extended-away-from-home trip.).  On the Arch Linux desktop I intend
to locally store copies of my emails for posterity and easy searching.
    a) Based on my earlier adventures with Mutt I'm thinking mbsync and,
    perhaps, msmtp are the way to go, using notmuch for the searching?

    b) Based on my current online research, assuming I'm correct about
    (a), getting mbsync and msmtp to work well with Proton Bridge may be
    somewhat challenging.  Any suggestions?

This concludes my main goals.  It seems to conceptually boil down to how
to separate a single feed of six different email addresses into
individually usable ones in NeoMutt.  I have read endlessly online (or
so it seems), and so far my best guess is to use NeoMutt's alternative
addresses functionality with appropriate hooks, neither of which I know
much about -- yet.  The presentation of the sidebar seems mostly like
configuring its display to what I want, and associating whatever hooks
turn out to be appropriate.  That sums up my current thoughts at this

Thanks in advance for any assistance!  Now it's back to the NeoMutt

Wishing you only the best,
boB i_persevere

Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.
	-- Teddy Roosevelt

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