[neomutt-users] Neomutt for CentOS 7

H agents at meddatainc.com
Tue Apr 25 04:42:08 CEST 2023

On April 24, 2023 8:56:51 PM EDT, Richard Russon <rich at flatcap.org> wrote:
>> After all, CentOS 7 is still supported one more year.
>Another way to look at it, is that CentOS 7 is NINE years old.
>> Any chance you either have the rpms backed up
>> Even though it was not the most current version it still has a lot of
>Yes, I understand the need for LTS distros,
>but supporting a distro takes time that I don't have.
>NeoMutt has two developers working in their free time.
>If more people helped out with NeoMutt, we'd be able to achieve more.
>    FlatCap / Rich

From my perspective it was a poorly considered move to remove a working release of neomutt from being available for download even though it is no longer being updated.

It does come across as being out of spite, particularly since I had just inquired about it. It would most certainly not encourage anyone to participate in development.

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