[neomutt-users] Handling several email accounts in Neomutt

Neubienautt neubienautt at pm.me
Sat Apr 1 21:24:56 CEST 2023

Here is an alternative if you don't find a suitable solution to your post regarding the same session for multiple email accounts.

I just setup neomutt in a similar situation to yours (I have 13 email accounts) in the past week.
For various reasons, I chose not to set this up to handle all accounts in a single session.
Rather, I wrote a couple of python scripts and added bash aliases.

I wrote different muttrc files for each email accounts.

Then, I have a couple of python scripts.

The first python script is called check.email.  It uses imaplib to poll each of the imap email
accounts and prints to screen how many new emails I have in each of the inboxes.

Based on this information I can either open a single account using a bash alias or
I have a second python script that loops through each of the email accounts individually.


On Sat, 01 Apr 2023 14:33 -0400, H wrote:
> I am new to neomutt and have begun delving into the numerous configuration option. I have about a dozen email accounts I need to handle and switch between in the same session of Neomutt. I have been using, and continue to use, Thunderbird so that is my frame of reference.
> Perusing the 'net I have found users using function keys to switch between eg two accounts but I am interested in finding a more general approach that can handle a dozen, or even more, accounts in the same session of neomutt.
> Suggestions welcome!
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