[neomutt-users] troubleshooting IMAP connections

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Tue Jan 25 13:30:59 CET 2022

On Jan 21 2022, 22:03 UTC, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at crankycanuck.ca> wrote:


>I am wondering whether there is something I might do to help 
>troubleshoot issues with IMAP connections.  So far, I have tended to 
>set the logging levels to really high, but all that seems to do is 
>leave me perplexed in high detail :)  But maybe I'm missing something?  
>I'm loathe to try to describe symptoms without being able to produce a 
>meaningful log.

I usually log at -d5, then I start by identifying the fd of the socket 
used for the IMAP connection (look for "mutt_socket_open() Connected to 
... on fd=...). One I have my fd number, say 4, I usually have a global 
look at what's going on by grep '4[<>]' ~/.neomuttdebug0.

What symptoms are you looking at?

Pietro Cerutti

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