[neomutt-users] Help with correct order to load macros, mailboxes, my_variables for my perl script with postgresql

Chris Bennett cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us
Thu Sep 9 19:56:12 CEST 2021

I'm working some more right now with my perl script that uses postgresql
and some files to work with Neomutt and Dovecot. Working with OpenSMTPD
or another program isn't relevant right now.

Right now, I'm building a .neorc file from the fields in the database.
I also have a directory of files that have other information that gets
appended to the .neorc file. That file gets clobbered after logging out
after each account is used. I then continue on to another user to open
or quit the perl script.
To be a bit more clear, the script wraps neomutt. I select a choice of
a particular user, start neomutt for that account only, do stuff, log
out and return to the list of other users to start up with again or quit
the perl wrapper.

All is very WIP.

I can stick this information anywhere, including any spot while
generating the temporary .neorc from the normal .neomuttrc variables
(which I'm doing first right now).

Any advice about where it's OK or necessary to put this in the .neorc file
would really help.


I just realized that I hadn't included the mailboxes file.
Right now it's put at the very end and that causes an error.
No surprise.
I realize that a lot of this information from these source files will go
into the database. I also don't have a solution yet for updating the
list of mailboxes and some other variables that get added on the fly.
TODO list. :-}

Any help appreciated,
Chris Bennett

A little bit more work and I'll put this up on github

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