[neomutt-users] quote from another email while composing?

s0cial+neowoof at kakaomilchkuh.de s0cial+neowoof at kakaomilchkuh.de
Sun Oct 24 10:54:08 CEST 2021

On 2021-10-24 09:40, Béla Törös wrote:
> Could you share the macro for this? This sounds like a good approach to me
> and would work well with my window manager, even without tmux.

Sure thing, here you go:


There’s a catch though (of course): I’m using notmuch to select the email by message ID.
I know there are ways to do that without notmuch, but for that you have to be in the correct mailbox to begin with. So the script might have to be extended for users without notmuch.
Notmuch allows me to find by message id over all mailboxes…

Also, the code is not as pretty or clean as it could/should be. But it works for me™.

Good luck with it!

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