[neomutt-users] Jumping Message Selection

Jon Fineman jon at fineman.me
Wed Nov 10 02:47:06 CET 2021

I am using NeoMutt version 20211029 on OpenBSD 7.0-current 

A behavior I have been noticing (it started in past releases) is when 
new messages come into a folder while you are viewing a message is 
when you go to delete the message, the status line will change from 
the message you were viewing to another message in the folder. I.e. 
the pointer changes out from under you and you end up deleting the 
wrong message.

The couple of times I have payed attention is the cursor doesn't jump 
to the new message, but to the next non deleted one.

I haven't been able to replicate the problem by sending new emails to 
the folder. It appears to be based on the time spent viewing a 

Any thoughts on how I might gather more info for this? Or has this 
already been reported?



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