[neomutt-users] Expected multi-reply behaviour?

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Fri May 21 00:37:12 CEST 2021

* Andrew Sullivan <ajs at crankycanuck.ca> [2021-05-20 23:47]:
> Here's a funny little wrinkle that I just encountered and wanted
> to ask about.  The "g" key replys to everyone on a message.
> If I tag two messages and hit 'r' it will reply to both.  But
> strangely, if I tag two messages that all have the same four
> recipients (including myself), only the sources of the two messages
> end up in the To:/Cc: headers of the reply.  Is that expected?
> Or maybe this is just undefined and I'm lucky it does anything?

well, a "reply" applies to the *sender* (aka "sources")
of messages, - *not* to its recipients.  so.. feature.

maybe i am missing something in your message.
so maybe an example would help, like this:

    From: sender1
    To:   address1, address2
    Cc:   address2, address4

add a second message, then the commands (eg tag+reply),
and the resulting reply message. and dont forget
to state the version of your neomutt.


neomutt maillist reminder:
please do use neomutt to post
and sign your messages.  why?
because we can, right?!  :-)
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