[neomutt-users] Lots of accounts from one user, as in more than bindings are practical

Chris Bennett cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us
Sat May 15 22:21:29 CEST 2021


I have finally had a chance to start working on this.
A bit cobbled together for testing, but that seems to be functional.

Very alpha, not beta yet!

I'm using PostgreSQL for the database.

I'm using a macro to pull up a shell script that uses psql command to
list what I want to get out of the database, including a user_id.

Then the shell script asks for the particular user_id I want.

Then it runs a perl script with that user_id argument.

The perl script shoots the info back to Neomutt. That works fine.
I also put in some direct commands separately in the script to figure
out how to get that right.

I appreciate the previous advice, which only applied to just using
Neomutt. Since I want to tie this one database to Dovecot and OpenSMTPD,
I'm going forward with this method instead.

I need to expand the database for all of the relevant pieces missing
for Neomutt and OpenSMTPD.
When I get something at least somewhat usable, I'll put the
code/database up on github or send a copy to anyone who wants it
directly. I'm assuming that attaching code here isn't appropriate.

I also have some software with a web interface for working with a
database from the past that I will definitely integrate into this.
It's written in mod_perl with Apache, which not everybody might want.
However, a web interface isn't going to be anything more than nice.

Chris Bennett

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