[neomutt-users] linking threads and filenames

Béla Törös kalebris at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 19:54:05 CET 2021

Hello list,

I have to deal with a lot of ticketing systems that do not set the
In-Reply-To headers and thus neomutt doesn't recognize them as real

I also have gmail accounts and I am syncing mails with (gmai)lieer
which is using the filenames to store the gmail's unique IDs which it
can update the labels of, and it syncs the gmail labels into notmuch

The problem comes when I join multiple emails into a single thread.
neomutt seems to rename the file, updating the In-Reply-To header and
moves on. In my search I couldn't find a way to make neomutt keep
filenames untouched (except for the flags).

Is there a way to keep the filenames while still updating the
In-Reply-To header?

kind regards,
Bela Toros

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