[neomutt-users] new users questions about virtual folders and searches

Béla Törös kalebris at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 20:14:28 CET 2021


I'm new to neomutt and using it with notmuch + gmi for handling gmail
accounts primarily.

So far it is really great and fast, I have however 2 problems that I
don't really know how to fix up. The first is that I have a few
ticketing systems that doesn't indicate any threading just uses the
same subject line to indicate it's for the same thread. Is there a way
to make neomutt understand that these belong to the same thread?
strict_threads=no doesn't seem to help.

My other question is somewhat related to that, is that I would like to
make an index macro that will execute a notmuch search for the same
subject as the current email, and display in a new virtual mailbox, or
any other random notmuch query, that will run across all mail not only
the current virtual mailbox.

Any helps or pointers to docs would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards,

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