[neomutt-users] Lots of accounts from one user, as in more than bindings are practical

Chris Bennett cpb_neomutt at bennettconstruction.us
Thu Jun 3 04:47:16 CEST 2021

Hopefully this message gets posted.
I had to move to my other server once the ISP got seriously blacklisted in the same IP block I was in. Ugh!

Things are working pretty well.
I run the perl script, it pulls out a list of user_ids and the email address from the database.

I then select one, a .neorc file gets created.
That gets filled with whatever is in the database.
I also have it pull in source files, some of which are "default" settings, some are customized for each email address.
Perl requires an absolute path for those. The database has a table for those files based on which user is pulled up.
my_ variables, header weeding and such have their own files. This could be put into the database by adding some more tables for such info.

When I am done, I hit x or q. The list then pops back up. .neorc is erased and not filled again unless a new email address is selected. Otherwise, I hit q and the program ends.

This is still pretty crude. I don't see any reason why all of someone's set of hooks and macros can't be added for each email address(s).

A question: Is there any way to transfer in secure info like the password without it being i n the rc file? I'll read the threads about how others were doing this.
There isn't any possibility right now to get passwords sent back out for different email addresses, unless that is getting a hook to pull up a different one from the same instance.

I didn't see any method to directly transfer into neomutt at startup without an rc file.
But I haven't had a chance to look at the source code.

Having fun,
Chris Bennett

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