[neomutt-users] GMail SMTP: no authenticators available?

Baron Fujimoto neomutt.org at monkeybutt.com
Wed Jan 20 04:10:20 CET 2021

Our org's email is hosted by Gmail. I had been using neomutt (built from MacPorts) successfully for years. Recently though, I can no longer send email successfully using GMail's SMTP servers. I get the error, "No authenticators available". IMAP still works fine. This change occurred while I had a neomutt session open; it was working one day when I left, but the next day, no bueno.

The following in my muttrc was used successfully util this problem began:

set smtp_url = smtp://user@example.org@smtp.gmail.com

Where user at example.org is my hosted gmail address.

I also tried the following with the same results:

set smtp_url = smtp://user@example.org@smtp.gmail.com:587

I haven't seen any other traffic about this on the list, so presumably it's not a general problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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