[neomutt-users] attched filename in unicode broken when received at MS outlook

Kiyoung Park pkyoung at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 16:23:46 CET 2021


I am a newbie to use neomutt, and I have a question.

Attached file with a filename in Korean, and utf-8 encoded,
is broken when received by MS outlook 

Depending on the version of outlook it is showed as
"Untitled attachemnt 000032.dat" or some random char sequence 
like "1m__j8.txt". I've attached one in this mail for test.

When it is received by any other clients like mutt, thunderbird, gmail webui,
there is no problem. Even with 'outlook on Mac', it is okay.
When it is sent by other clients except mutt, it is also okay.

It is problem only in case from mutt to MS outlook.
Neomutts both on Mac and linux have the same issue.

I am sure that this is the problem of MS outlook not mutt.
Meanwhile they would fix the issue someday,
is there any thing I or mutt can do to avoid this problem?

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