[neomutt-users] limit to x-labelless -> !~y.

Sven Guckes neomutt-lists at guckes.net
Wed Feb 3 01:42:49 CET 2021

* Peter Szigetvari <szigetvari at elte.hu> [2021-01-27 13:32]:
> I'm trying to limit my messages to duplicates without
> a label (X-Label).  Search engines gave no hints.
> The intuitive expression "~= ~y ''" did not work.
> I then tried "~y ''", and that is also invalid.
> Any ideas?

you can express an empty value in a negative form:
"(has) NO any character" -> "! ~y ." or "!~y."

> And while we're at it, can X-Label be edited while writing the message?
> (I have edit_headers set to yes)  Or before sending?

err.. no.  no x-Label editing with edit_headers.
still not.  pity.  i'd use it more, too,
if i could simply add/change value there.
maybe not enough users have asked for it yet.

  modify-labels            modify (notmuch/imap) tags
  modify-labels-then-hide  modify (notmuch/imap) tags and then hide message

maybe it's a thing for users of imap/notmuch.
i just use imap notmuch. :-P

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