[neomutt-users] Full encryption with neomutt?

moonmaillist at firemail.cc moonmaillist at firemail.cc
Wed Dec 29 13:43:53 CET 2021

I am using neomutt for a long time, but I couldn't figure out a good way 
to use encryption (only if it is possible or needed).

The problem is, that neomutt tries to encrypt every email I write and if 
it doesn't find a key, it only gives me the message "No key found", but 
I can't send the email unencrypted (neomutt just blocks me from doing 
it). If encryption is deactivated, I can write emails to everyone, but 
can't activate encryption manually (if I know I own the public key of an 
recipient). In general, I have to close neomutt, change the config and 
start it again to activate encryption for one case.

The last lines of my gpg.conf look like this:
set crypt_use_gpgme=yes
# set crypt_autosign=yes
# set crypt_verify_sig=yes
# set crypt_replysign=yes
set crypt_replyencrypt=yes
# set crypt_replysignencrypted=yes

# uncomment next line to encrypt messages
# set crypt_autoencrypt = yes

set pgp_use_gpg_agent = yes
set pgp_check_gpg_decrypt_status_fd = yes
# set pgp_check_gpg_decrypt_status_fd = no
set pgp_auto_decode = yes
set pgp_self_encrypt = yes
# no-emit-version

My goal would be to hit a button so neomutt will check key-servers to 
get possible keys of the current recipient I am writing to. If a key 
exists, it uses encryption and if not, just show that no encryption is 
active and let me send it unencrypted. The key-server might be an 
optional step and it would be just nice if neomutt could check local 
keys and if a key is found, activate encryption, if not, do not activate 
it and let me write unencrypted mails.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

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