[neomutt-users] Changing "from" based on message content

Currie currie at cryptolab.net
Tue Apr 20 05:30:55 CEST 2021


I receive emails from the form-filler service formspree. Basically people fill out a form on
my website and its sent via formspree to my inbox.

Anyways, these emails contain the persons email and name in the body. So i would like, when i open one
of these emails, to have the `from` address set to the persons email so that when i reply, i am
replying to the person, not to formspree.

How would one implement this?

Ideally it would be something like this

	message-hook '~f .*@formspree.io' 'set from=`parsemessage <$MESSAGE`'

But mutt doesn't set its own environment variables when creating shells (good idea!)

Thank you.

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