[neomutt-users] Problems with Newsgroup/Usenet

tuxic at posteo.de tuxic at posteo.de
Wed Apr 14 18:45:59 CEST 2021


I am using neomutt compiled from githib code on a regulary
base under GENTOO Linux.

I want to read/write to Usenet newsgroup. For that I subscribed
at/with/to (I am no native speaker - sorry - and prepositions
always gives me headaches...) 

The subscription is free and you are allowed to read an write to a
certain amount of newsgroups.

But there is one catch:
The greater amount of newsgroups are only visible to people,
who authenticated themselves with the UID/passwd given with
the subscription. The (very) smaller rest are visible to anyone.

The list of groups, which neomutt is able to fetch from the servers
gets only updated, if NEW newsgroups are added.

That lead to the following situation:
At "first contact" the list of newsgroups, which is visible to
anyone is transfered. Then you get authenticated.
On any further constact, the servers thinks "I have no new newsgroups
for you" and the list of the rest of newsgroups is not transfered.

The README to the above newsgroup server says, one "needs to force
a full reload of the list of newsgroups - how this works depends
on your application" which is per se correct - but does not
help that much.

What currently works is to connect and authenticate with the server
and read the limited newsgroups to which anybody has access.

I trief to "hack" the data which belong to the storage of known
list but that does not help.

How can I force neomutt to reload the full list of available
newsgroups in a way which circumvents the "setup" descibed above?


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