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Jakub Jindra jakub.jindra at jakubjindra.eu
Fri Oct 9 09:12:32 CEST 2020


Your rotation using lua. Now you won't ever run out of keys :)

## neomuttrc
set my_index_id=1
macro index i "<enter-command>lua-source ~/.neomutt/lua/rotate_index.lua<enter>"

## LUA ~/.neomutt/lua/rotate_index.lua
index_format = {
   "'%4C %Z$ %{%Y-%b-%d} %-23.23F|%4c|%s'",
   "'%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-23.23F (%3l) %s'",
   "'%4C %Z %{%Y-%m-%d %H:%M} %-23.23F (%3c) %s'"^L

for k,v in pairs(index_format) do
   if k == tonumber(mutt.get('my_index_id')) then
       nxt = (k+1) % (#index_format+1)
       if nxt==0 then nxt=1 end



On 2020-10-08 23:54, Sven Guckes wrote:
>* Kevin Shell <kshell at gmx.com> [2020-10-07]:
>> Does the pager support scrolling left and right?
>* Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie at lxtec.de> [2020-10-07]:
>> What is it useful for? neomutt does line breaks automagic
>> and fits the pager into the respective window.
>* Elimar Riesebieter [2020-10-07]:
>> Well, you have to set pager_format, index_format, sidebar_format and
>> sidebar_width for use on your usual window size. And you can use
>> sidebar-toggle-visible to get more space for index and pager.
>* Kevin Shell <kshell at gmx.com> [2020-10-08]:
>> It's useful when the index menu's index_format
>> is wide and has deep threads.
>well.. that's about showing the *index* then.  neomutt's
>internal *pager* shows *messages*.  hence the confusion.
>as for panning left/right within a message, i'd use "set pager=less".
>"less" is a great program. it's like vim without the editing part.  ;-)
>it compiles or DOS, too. i wish M$ had simply added that.
>who knows.. five more years after adding WSL they might.
>yes, seeing more of the index would be nice. especially with
>auto-magic adjustments.  but i guess that's for the future.
>for the time being (read: since 1996) I'd be happy to
>see a multi-line setup for display of more commands:
>    [N-1] index_format: w:widen n:narrow ;0:reset ;1:conf1 ;2:conf2
>    [N-0] :set pager=less
>these are the last two lines of the screen.  the keys "nw;"
>are already taken, of course.  but i guess you get the idea.
>i loved the newsreader "nn" which always displayed which
>keys are available at the current context. great concept!
>something like this:
>    Command (abcde..XYZ): ?
>too much for neomutt to show them all - i know.
>however, a setup like the following would make
>it a lot easier to cycle through setups:
>    cycle IF 'key ö'
>    cycle IF 'set index_format=foo'
>    cycle IF 'set index_format=bar'
>    cycle IF 'set index_format=baz'
>so i'd type an 'ö' to skip to the next config.
>adding an order to these and adding a
>message as feedback would be nicer.
>but.. future. after the cleanup.
>and all those other new things...
># 2009-05-04  ,i  = index_format
>  macro index ,i0 "<enter-command>set index_format='%4C %Z %{%Y-%b-%d} %-23.23F|%4c|%s'\n"
>  macro index ,i1 "<enter-command>set index_format='%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-23.23F (%3l) %s'\n"
>  macro index ,i2 "<enter-command>set index_format='%4C %Z %{%Y-%m-%d %H:%M} %-23.23F (%3c) %s'\n"

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