[neomutt-users] Adding alias in alias_file fail

Gilles Lamboley gilles.lamboley at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 25 10:52:48 CET 2020


since few days, I noticed that adding a new entry in alias file fails returning 

'config/helpers.c :248 : cs_substring: l'assertion "DTYPE(he->type) ==
DT_STRING " a echoué

which, in english, should be:

'config/helpers.c :248 : cs_substring: assert "DTYPE(he->type) ==
DT_STRING " failed

I am using the <create_alias> command (shortcut a) from the index menu, with
neomutt latest release (updated on an Arch linux distribution).

It seems weird because adding alias to the alias_file was not an issue
before. Unfortunately, I can't tell when it works successfuly for the
last time, probably few months ago.

thanks for your help.

Gilles Lamboley

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