[neomutt-users] neomutt+msmtp for web.de, anyone?

Roland Heß rol42 at web.de
Wed Nov 18 07:39:30 CET 2020

Hi  Ian,
> > It seems you are tying to *send* mail to a *pop* server.
> No, neomutt is trying to _save_ the outgoing mail in a pop folder
> because of Fcc setting. That could be something Roland has explicitly
> configured, or it could be neomutt helpfully inferring the setting from
> the folder variable or similar.

Thank you, perhaps we find the solution now?

I did not configure any pop folder (and I have no idea where I should make one or how to tell mutt where that folder is).

If I comment out (is this the correct term?)this line in muttrc:

set folder = "pops://rol42@web.de@pop3.web.de:995"

mutt (neomutt) opens with an empty INBOX

but I can send mail without problems.

Where should I make such a pop folder and how does mutt (neomutt) find out where that folder is?


> --
> Ian

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